The Canadian Women's group in Paris (CWGP) was established in 1978 to help create bonds of friendship and solidarity among the Canadians residing in France, to promote Canadian biculturalism, and to help newcomers adapt to the French way of life. Today, the Association still continues this same mission and has over 150 members with activities taking place from October to June.

The association offers its members a choice of varied activities: guided exhibitions, guided tours of places or monuments in Paris, literary cafes, bridge club, theatre or concert evenings, networking evenings for business, and power walking and jogfit in Paris. Monthly coffee meetings organized around specific themes are hosted with guests speakers at the Canadian Cultural Centre. There is something for everyone!

Activités à venir



Le 25 février 2020
De 14h à 18h

Pour les amatrices de stratégie de tous niveaux

Café littéraire


Le 27 février 2020
De 14h à 16h


L'occasion de se retrouver et d'échanger sur une lecture commune.

Apéro Rencontre avec Véronique Baylaucq, comédienne aux multiples talents


Le 28 février 2020
De 18h30 à 20h30


There are also special functions organized by the CWGP, including the very popular Christmas Cocktail, the Lunch de la Galette, Members’ Art Exhibitions.  The CWGP supports L'Arche (the organization founded by Canadian Jean Vanier to support adults with learning disabilities), and within the mentioned events raises money for donations to l'Arche.  These events are put into the calendar in addition to the normally scheduled activities. Spouses and family members or friends are sometimes able to participate in these events and a monthly newsletter informs all our members of all current activities and events.

Whether you have just arrived or have been in Paris for some time, the Canadian Women's Group in Paris is here for you. With its wide range of activities, the diversity of the CWGP will allow you to make the most of your stay and create real friendships. Long after leaving Paris, you will still remember the good times spent together!

If you want to discover and share, join CWGP today.





La presse face aux infox : les outils d’un combat. Échange Canada-France

Centre Culturel Canadien
25 février - 18h


Exposition Marquise Arconati-Visconti

Une seconde chance de visiter cette belle exposition avec une conférencière.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Vendredi 13 mars à 15h00


"ATTITUDES - APPARENCES" - Exposition photographique de Brigitte Pelletier


Cabane à sucre avec les diplômés des universités canadiennes

Au coeur de l’hiver, venez vous réchauffer et trinquer dans une ambiance cabane à sucre avec les diplômés des universités canadiennes. Des spécialités canadiennes seront disponibles et il y aura des jeux !

Jeudi 27 février 2020 à compter de 19h30


Bienvenue aux nouveaux membres


Mot de la présidente

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