Message from the President - February 2024

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Message from the President

Dear ACPians,
As love floats in the air and the warmth of bonds comforts us, February promises to be rich in emotion and sharing. The ACP has some exciting events in store that are sure to strengthen the bonds that unite us.

We kick off the month with a fascinating escapade in the heart of the Marais Médiéval on February 4. A unique opportunity to plunge into history, visit the village of Saint-Paul and discover together the mysteries of this emblematic site, including a vestige of Philippe Auguste's wall and several medieval houses.

On February 7, we'll have the privilege of attending a spellbinding concert by the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris. An evening that promises to transport us beyond the boundaries of our imagination, uniting our hearts through the magic of music.

Then, on February 22, we'll get together for the Soirée Réso. A time for sharing and conviviality, where we'll further strengthen our ties, forging bonds of friendship and solidarity.

As for our long-awaited traditional galette celebration, it may be swapped for a special activity in honour of Women's Day... To be continued...

In keeping with the spirit of networking, I invite you to discover Sylvie, featured in the February profile.

Together, may this month be marked by joy, sharing and the love that unites us  <3

And finally, make the most of this extra day on February 29! I encourage you to seize this opportunity to realize a dream close to your heart, take care of yourself or simply make the most of every moment. May this exceptional day be marked by moments of happiness, fulfillment and well-being.

Sincerely yours,

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