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Discover Sylvie Ouellet, member of ACP

Sylvie Ouellet


How I landed in ACP

When I lived in London, I was a member of the Canadian Women’s Club. So when I arrived in Paris, I started looking for a similar group and I immediately found the ACP.


What I do for a living

These days I am a biochemist researcher at the Institut Pasteur. In fact, I am retired. I contribute to research simply out of a desire for challenge and to contribute to the advancement of science. During my life, I was also a multimedia writer, novelist and event organizer.


The trip that made the biggest impression on me ?

Definitely Korea (Seoul). The perfect blend of Asian traditions and Western lifestyle.


My favourite place in France or Canada

Until proven otherwise, it remains Montparnasse for Paris and the Villeray district (where I grew up) in Montreal. But I reserve the right to change my mind as I discover others.


My passions and / or my hidden talent ?

I have no hidden talents … But I excel in multitasking, and as a teenager I was able to do my homework, watch TV, talk on the phone and eat at the same time. These days I rather do research coupled with tourism and housekeeping. I am also the archetype of the «morning person» - those irritating people who wake up naturally at 4 am, with the air of having already swallowed 14 coffees. It is a miracle that no one has yet tried to kill me… As for my passions, I have several, but above all, I simply love people.


What I learned in life

That I have no limits. Or rather, I do, but they're far away. I'm a go-getter by nature. As we say in Quebec, there's nothing stopping me.


My favourite bar-restaurant in France and Canada ?

In France, I haven't finished making the rounds yet, but for the moment Café Saint-Placide (rue de Rennes) is particularly appealing. In Montreal, l'Ile noire on St-Denis (and its vast whisky collection) is hard to beat.


My favourite ACP activity?

Brunch! I'm a foodie and I accept this.

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