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Discover Philip Schwab, member of the ACP

Philip Schwab

How I ended up in the ACP

I arrived in Paris in September 2019, just a few months before the first confinement.  I did not have much opportunity to meet new people before the lockdowns.  I hope the ACP will be great opportunity to experience more of the social life of Paris and make connections with new friends through the common bond of Canada. 

The job I do

I am the Government Affairs Director for Western Europe & Canada at a major American pharmaceutical company.  In this capacity I am responsible for managing relationships with the European Union institutions in Brussels on a wide-range of health policy-related topics.  I also work with colleagues in the 19 countries across the region to advance health policies that will help to bring new treatment options to patients. .

My favorite place in France or Canada

I am still looking forward to exploring more of France, especially the Alps region. For now, one of my favourite places, aside from shopping at one of Paris’ open markets for a spring picnic on the Seine, is the Mediterranean town of Cassis near Marseille.  I had the pleasure of spending a few days there after running the magnificent Marseille to Cassis 20K race.  In Canada, if I am not running around Stanley Park in Vancouver, my thoughts generally turn to Le Charlevoix region of Quebec. The small towns, incredible landscape, views of the St-Laurent and delicious food make this a year around favorite.

My hidden talent

It has been years since I have had the chance to perform, but singing in a choir is something that I enjoyed for many years.

What I have learned in life

Even though we seem to be surrounded by bad news, there is much beauty, kindness and abondance in the world if we only take a moment to stop and appreciate it and remember to be grateful.  Tout va bien aller. 


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