Profile of the month: Muriel Vinant-Girard

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Discover Muriel Vinant-Girard, Chair of the ACP Board of Directors


Muriel Vinant-Girard

How I landed in ACP

I have been a member of the ACP since 1982 on the advice of my mother-in-law, Maryse VINANT, an early member.

What I do for a living

I was an international English-German interpreter, then the course of life trained me to be a law firm manager until today... even though I'm retired!

My favorite place in France or Canada

In Canada, two lakes: the Petit Wayagamak (near La Tuque) where my uncle had a cottage, then the Lac des Piles (Shawinigan) where we have spent our vacations for many years. In France, the Loir Valley where I have had a house for 40 years.

My hidden talent

I sing and dance well and love it!

What I learned in life

"Appreciate what you have, but look for more", Isocrates, 4th century BC


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