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Discover Chloé Robillard, member of the ACP

Chloé Robillard

How I landed in ACP

I was put in contact with Marilène Garceau by my employer to help me in my transition between Canada and France, but it was only after a year of taking advantage (a little too much) of Parisian nights and traveling (a little too much as well) for work that I finally took part in my first Canadian event in Paris ... on Saint-Jean-Baptiste (what could be better!). It was from that moment that I really integrated into this beautiful bunch of crazy Canadians and finally made the move to join the ACP.

What I do for a living

I am a producer at Moment Factory, a multimedia studio. We are a company that was initially based in Quebec, but we have had an office in Paris for a few years and therefore take care of European projects.

My favorite place in France or Canada

You will probably find me in a French or Canadian restaurant / bar which has just opened and which serves fancy dishes and overpriced funky wine. In short, if you are looking for a restaurant, I will surely have a suggestion for you. :)  Otherwise, I like out of the way places: in France, the dune of Pilat is a must to see and on a different note, you have to spend a day at the St-Ouen flea market!

My hidden talent

Mmmm, tour guide ...? ... You don’t want to see my google map and all the places I have tried or still need to try …!

What I learned in life

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!


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