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Mot de la présidente

Dear members,

Youppie, April is upon us!

1st of April brings back fond memories of my elementary school days. A special day that accentuated my mischievous side. That's a day when I had the right to play tricks on my classmates by hanging a fish on their back. I couldn't wait to get home to trick my parents and, even better, my sisters... hehehe, those were the good old days !!

April and spring are synonymous with renewal. This is when the cherry trees are in bloom and the magnolias intoxicate us with their slightly sweet fragrance (which some compare to the smell of champagne). It's a rebirth, much like the phoenix "rising" from its ashes.

I therefore wish you dear members a good spring cleaning of your house and, above all, of your "inner" house. What do you want to add to your life? What makes you feel good? How do you listen more? Great questions to ponder.

What's happening at ACP in April? In addition to co-organizing the Sugar Shack activity this Thursday, March 31 with the Canadian Alumni and having been invited exclusively to the Centraide evening at the Embassy, ​​we continue to expand our network of Canadian connections. This month we have 2 new partners: The Canadian Bilingual School and The Abbey Bookshop.

I wish you to blossom in April like spring and to spend excellent Easter holidays.

Your President




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