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Mot de la présidente

Dear members,

March is the month of Spring, the month of renewal after the cold and grey weather, yay!!

To help you wait until then, we propose two reunion events.

On Wednesday, March 2, we invite you to an artistic evening at the Maison des Étudiants Canadiens. Mrs. Diane Beaulieu d'Ivernois will come and talk to us about her passion for urban art and her career as a collector as well as one of the artists on display, Mosco, animal street artist. This will be followed by networking with an optional beer tasting organized in collaboration with our partners at La Petite Patrie (see activity section below).

On Tuesday, March 8, we invite you to the Canadian Homecoming that we are organizing in collaboration with Air Canada. This is the perfect time to bring the Canadian community together: share the invitation with your Canadian network! We will also use this occasion to celebrate International Women's Day.

These events are great opportunities to see each other again and meet new people!

This month we invite you to discover the profile of  Philip Schwab, member of the ACP.

Did you know that we now have membership cards? To get yours, you can stop by the Québecium and we will also have some at our next events! This will facilitate identification when you go to one of our partners to take advantage of our discounts.

Finally, if you want to discover today's Canadian cinema, quickly get in touch with Sylvie Rochon who has proposed to organize a group to go to the Dieppe Canadian Film Festival at the end of March.

I wish you a beautiful, sunny month of March.

See you soon,
Your president



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