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Dear members,

As you know, for 44 years now, the work of the ACP has been made possible thanks to the mobilization of hundreds and hundreds of committed, passionate and multigenerational volunteers. Management, special events or "pots", so many occasions where individual talents unfold.

Fall also marks the start of the ACP activities and we're looking for volunteers to keep its little heart beating. Whether you like sport, culture or COM, we have a mission for you!

Here are the different opportunities:

  • Social Media, Events and Classifieds Manager
  • Special Events Manager (Christmas Cocktail, Galette des Rois, etc.)

Monthly/quarterly activities:

  • Café meetings: The opportunity to discover a remarkable journey of our guest or to deepen a subject that fascinates us.
  • Commented exhibitions: Whether to discover a major exhibition proposed in Paris or to deepen the work of more discreet artists, commented by a guide-lecturer.
  • Show / theater outings: because many is better
  • Walking during the week or weekend: a question of getting some fresh air

Annual activities:

  • September Terry Fox Run/Walk: A Mainstay in CPA History
  • Responsible for the "Welcome Day" committee and volunteers: the opportunity to welcome newcomers!

…and any other new ideas you would like to develop!  And breaking news: there will be an opportunity to join the executive committee next June.

Thank you for relaying or even better… get involved in order to contribute to the dynamism of the ACP.

Show your interest by emailing me at christinedurandn@hotmail.com

To the pleasure!
Christina for
Your Executive Committee

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